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Before i told you anything, i just want to show you guys something. I know its nothing much and most people that have the skills and knowledge can do better than i can. So here it is. Hey, it looks like i can draw some comic strip of my own. If you guys know me, [...]

Everyone knows that creating a flow chart or a diagram could be the pain in the ass. We somehow have to a lot of trials and error using a lot of other software available on our computer. Sometimes its hard for us as we do not have any basic graphic knowledge and a lot of [...]

Finding a new software to cater towards all the needs to watch video, listen to music, enjoying your pictures? Do not worry. There is this free software call Haihaisoft Universal Player. I know there is a lot Digital Music Video Player out there. Some seems to suit us and some does not. This is surely [...]

Adobe photoshop is a well known premium software for manipulating photo or images. Almost every designer out there uses adobe photoshop to beautify the image they capture or to create a new image. With a lot of features, there is no doubt that adobe photoshop is a software in every heart of designer. With my [...]

You have a digital camera. So  what do you do? Surely enough take picture with it. After that, you take the memory card out and send it to the shop to clean the picture. If not, you might just download it into your computer. Well, sometimes you would want to resize or convert it other [...]

I am sure you ever take a screen shot of certain web on the internet. Roughly i would guess that in order for you to take a screenshot, you certainly have to open up a software or program on your windows. I do that myself. Its the only way i knew on how to make [...]

You must seen and read a lot of magazine in your life right? Be it entertainment magazine, or business magazine and etc. What is the purpose of reading a magazine? Of course for some, they are looking for information, some just for entertainment and even some just to get through the day. I usually read [...]

Editing a picture or making a screenshot might not be difficult for many people. But changing the photo’s format is totally a different things. If you are just changing format from jpg to bmp, it is easy. You could just Paint software available on your windows. But what if it involve format such as this, [...]

Designing is not everyone specialty thus creating a huge market especially for people who want to design their house, room and so on. Some even wanted to design or customize their desktop. It hard for people that doesn’t have the skill to manipulate graphic or picture editor software. As we all know some of those [...]

Screenshots is sometime very important especially when we wanted to capture a piece of information from web, blog, forums or from the screen of our computer. Making screenshot is not difficult actually especially for frequent computer user. It is easy and with a few clicks, you would actually create a screenshot that you wanted. All [...]