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Tweet tweet tweet tweet. A bird sang everyday. And it makes a beautiful tweeting sounds. So that what we do everyday right? Tweet using twitter. He He He. So as you would probably know from my last article about post tweet on twitter, now this is an alternative way to tweet. In the past i [...]

At the beginning age of the internet, there are lesser online advertisement like pop up, flash banner and so on and thus there is no need to block the ads. But now in the modern world where internet are a necessity, more and more kind of online advertisement are being created and sometimes it fills [...]

I may be a little bit late for this review. It’s been a while since Google has develop an internet browser of its own. In the past i have done a bit review on Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Those two are the most favourite internet browser in the world. My visitor tracker statistic shows [...]

Now there are easier way to post on your twitter. Rather than going to twitter dot com, you just tweet from your internet browser. Its simple and you don’t have to waste a lot of time. You surely know social websites like facebook, myspace, friendster and a whole lot more. Most people including celebrities, VIP [...]

As i love to bookmark importants web or blogs for my future reference. It is also important for me to know whether the link still existed or not. We all know that information from the internet are free except for the electricity bills and internet. It sure is better rather than going to the library [...]

In the past, i did explain about browsing the internet using Internet Explorer. Now i just want to tell you an alternative browser that you can use to browse the internet. According to the statictics around 44 percent of the world population are using firefox. That means about half of the world’s internet user are [...]

If you have a computer using Microsoft Windows, surely enough you would have Internet Explorer. For new and medium users usually these free software included in the Windows are often being use by them to browse through the internet. The statistics below are taken from W3Schools refering to statistics of internet browser used by people [...]