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Do you have Nokia mobile phone? I have Nokia E72. It can be considered old school as most of the people today uses Android phone or Blackberry or maybe Iphone. But still my Nokia E72 can out perform some of the above phone. Ha Ha. just kidding. The other day i log in into my [...]

Are you a blogger ? If you are, do you own a Blackberry smartphone or Iphone? Most importantly, are you using a self-hosted wordpress blog? This is a good news for you and i really envy you guys as you can update your self-hosted wordpress blog using either your Blackberry or Iphone. You know what [...]

Do you ever blacklist an email address on you email account? I know that you do right. So do you wish you could blacklist unwanted calls on your mobile phone? I do believe sometimes when your mobile phone rang, you tend not to answer it especially if it is from someone you wish you do [...]

Here and there, you hear mobile phone ringing. In a way it shows that moble phone has become a necessity rather than a luxury item. In the past of course that was the case. But now, modern technology development and the need to communicate fast has made mobile phone become more accesible to everyone in [...]

You and i, all have a mobile phone. Whether it is the cheapest mobile phone or the most expensive one on the market. The basic thing is that you can communicate with it. Now, with mobile phone used widely all around the world, people are starting to make mobile phone a fashion. Hence the introduction [...]

Its been long since i give some input regarding software for mobile phone. Do you know that people like to install and uninstall most of the thing on their handphone. Of course i am not talking about the old school mobile phone. It is mostly suited for the millennium type handphone which has 3G, LCD [...]

Do you want to have a customize mobile phone theme? Do you want that theme could only be found on your mobile phone? Well this might be a good news for all of you. I know that i should be talking about free pc software but the excitement that i am feeling upon finding this [...]