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If you are still using the old school ways of saving your client or stakeholder contacts which is using paper and pen don’t worry. There are still a lot of people managing their contact the same way. Its just something we are used to be doing. Sometimes we got their business card and we do [...]

In the past, we used to buy a small address book. We want to keep phone numbers, fax numbers, address, name and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, one small address book seems not enough. We bought a bigger size address book book. New problem arises. It is hard to bring it anywhere. But [...]

Everyday we always make call through our mobilephone or deskphone. It totally depend on where we are at that moment. But in the office surely you and i are going to use the desk phone. Sometimes while we are doing our report on the computer, the telephone suddenly rang and we have to go pick [...]

Every business or organization need a fax machine. But what if you can turn your computer into a fax? It would be cool right? For most people, if their computer can be a fax, it would save a lot of expenses and plus it would make sending certain document faster and it save paper. Let [...]

Its been a while since i blog about free software to all of you. i been busy with my daily life and especially with my career. You see i been away and constantly travelling. So i don’t really have the time to do some research for all of you about free pc software. One thing [...]

A diary is very important today. With all the hectic going around our lives, it is good to organize it with a diary. I am not talking about a personal diary where you write all your feeling and thought. This is totally different. Let just call it as an organizer. Must more understandeable in that [...]

Money is use by everyone as a tools of exchange between one another. Before this, people are only using the barter system. With the introduction of money, exchange is done more efficiently and effectively. But money are limited for individual. You have to work to earn money. Thus one really need to find the best [...]

Do you own a private diary? In the past, people use to write their personal happenings on a book or a diary. everybody does write one. The bad thing about this is that your diary tend to be read by someone else. Furthermore, you tend to loose it. For example like you left you diary [...]