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Most people do not know that they can change their powerpoint slide into a video. Its another way you can create a video if you do not know how to use movie maker. This is an alternative for you to enable you to do that. The only difference is the involvement of Microsoft Powerpoint. This [...]

You have created your own video but you do not know how to put in subtitle and logo on your video? So let me teach you how. Not only you can add subtitles and logo but other things as well. As we are getting more sophisticated, we can do what we can not do in [...]

We all know YouTube. We all like to see video on YouTube. And furthermore, we like to see a new music video by local and international artist. So what next? Is that we can do and listen new music from YouTube. What if you are able to extract and download the audio from the YouTube [...]

Finding a new software to cater towards all the needs to watch video, listen to music, enjoying your pictures? Do not worry. There is this free software call Haihaisoft Universal Player. I know there is a lot Digital Music Video Player out there. Some seems to suit us and some does not. This is surely [...]

Movies is the thing that most people watch especially new movies like Transformers and so on. Others like to watch video clips. Nothing beat the fun and excitement when watching a new movie or a video clips except one thing. Let me give you this scenario. You are watching a new movie at your computer [...]

YouTube has always been known to have a large video collection. It would be either something about news, new songs, videoclips, documentary, movie, drama and this could go on and on. There is no limit what kind of video there are in youtube. There are approximately about 150,000 video uploaded everyday on Youtube and thousand [...]

I bet some of us have created a video for fun, for certain video that we like and etc. I do so myself. Especially in my own local languages when some of my family members does not understand certain language while watching certain movies. Although some of those movies or television drama has subtitle but [...]

Do you like to watch video on We can actually find a lot of video on you tube day in and day out. All that is needed is to search and you will surely find a huge search result for that video. Do you know that you can edit your own video that you [...]