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There is a lot of reason why your computer become lagging and usually you would become frustrated with your computer performance. Among the reason could be infected with malware, not doing maintenance frequently, or maybe too many software being installed. Now all you need to do to improve your lagging computer performance is get a [...]

Platinum Guard is actually a premium software. But it seems that they are doing a giveaway on the software. The cost to buy Platinum Guard is $13.99 but now you can get it for free. This is done in collaboration with softpedia. So what can this Platinum Guard do? The title says it all. By [...]

Software either premium, freeware or shareware are always going to be install and uninstall in your hard disk drive. It what I like to call the way of the computer. You need them and you install it. Once you do not need them anymore, then you uninstall them again. For this, entertainment application or spyware [...]

Have you ever done audit on your computer? Most people who have IT background would do some auditing on their computer. This is important so that we will know what problem does our computer face and had before it really crashes down. Its part of maintaining a computer. This is usually done by companies so [...]

Using Windows as the Operating System on your Computers? I am pretty sure that majority are using Windows compared to Mac or Linux. Of course, in your computer there are software on your Windows system tools to do maintenance on your computer. But truly saying, those software are a bit different. The free software introduce [...]

Computer’s memory are one of the most important parts of a computer. That is why most computer technician or engineer will advise us all to do maintenance on our computer. This is to ensure that our computer are well maintain and your computer last longer without having to undergo a critical repair on its software [...]

Computer have become an intergral part in daily work routine. We uses a lot of our time in front of the computers and sometimes we do not even have the time to even do the maintenance. Maintenance on a computer is very important as it will make the computer’s life span become longer. So, how [...]