Sometimes we tend to leave our computer on for a very long time without using it. This could be all day and night as sometimes we are to tied up doing something else until we forget to shutdown our computer or laptop. You certainly need some assistance in shutting down your computer but it would be better if you could make you mouse automatically click the shutdown button.

Let say for example, you are playing MP3 music before you go to sleep. After you went to a deep sleep, the music will keep on playing until you wake up and shutdown the computer. The music could sometimes disturb you in the middle of the night, and you have to wake up and shutdown your computer. This is a hassle right. Well worry no more.

PC Sleep is a free software for your computers that automated the actions of shutting down, logging off, restart, hybernate windows functions in a user friendly menu software.

All you have to do is just do what ever you wanted to do like downloading someting from the internet, listening to music while you are sleeping, doing maintenance on your computer and etc. Then you just open PC Sleep application and just enter the detail that you needed. Done. It is easy to use this software.

A noticeable pop up will appear after one more minute left on the timer and if no action is taken another pop up will appear when 30 seconds is left. Then it will do all the thing that you have the software do.

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