Before i told you anything, i just want to show you guys something. I know its nothing much and most people that have the skills and knowledge can do better than i can. So here it is.


Hey, it looks like i can draw some comic strip of my own. If you guys know me, i am not really good at using Adobe Photoshop or any other software related to creating comics. I can use some basic stuff on Adobe Photoshop but to create this comic strip, i am going to be a failure. So how did i create this comic strip?

It is actually easy than anyone can think of. I just click a few times and write the dialogue and i have my own comic strip. Cool right. It might be one way to express yourself and to try to create your own comic strip. So how did i create my own comic strip even i do not know how to draw? This is the secret.


Strip Generator enable you to create your own comic strip. You can create you own character, create own objects and so on. Its really cool and its free. You can actually share your comic strip with others. Put it on Facebook, your blog, and anywhere you want to.

If you have lots of idea on what comic to create, this would be good especially of you do not know how to use those advance applications. So go on and create you own comic strips.

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