Do you know i love to read comic especially anime comics like Bleach and Naruto or better known as manga. Some of you would love to read online comics as well. Before this, i usually rely on the software that is pre-install in the computer. Example of it is ACDsee and Windows Photo Galery.

But some computer even does not have those software. Plus it does not really satisfied me to watch comic or view image using the software above. So accidentally i stumble upon this portable software that could help me view image and read my comic freely.

Portable Comics Viewer

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Portable ComicsViewer is a freeware that help you read your comics and view the image of your choice. It effortlessly help you scanned all the image and e-comics for you. The features is just incredible. This Portable Digital Viewer as i like to call it has this rotating features. So you can rotate the comic to view it in potrait mode or in anyway you like it.

The best is it can even view or directly display image stored on RAR or ZIP code even before you extracted it.

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