TV or Television has become part of our daily life. People watch television to entertain themselves like watching some soap opera, tele-movies, music video clips. Some like to know more about something like watching National Geographic Channel, and some even watch news. What ever the reasons maybe, it is hard for us to get away from watching television.

So what if you do not have access to television. You really want to watch some programs on television. All you have with you is internet and your computer or laptop. So what do you do? Many people have been searching for a way to watch world wide television through their computer but most of their search were to no avail. They could not find any solution to watch live tv on their computer.

TVexe is a free pc software that is reliable software fo all to watch tv through internet. It is a media interface software that enable users to reach and watch online tv. This free software uses the capability of Media Player or Real Player to enable user to watch tv channel easily.

This free watch TV online software are easily to use for new users and anyone can find the channel that they wanted to see. The channels are divided into genre, language and country including, sports, news, drama and a lot more. It is sorted in that way to enable new user to easily find the channels and uses it to the maximum of its ability.

The way to use this software is just like plug and play. Just click on the software and find the channel that you wanted to watch, sit back and enjoy the programs.

Update : A new update on TVexe. There is a new version of it. Here is the screenshot for you to see.

How To Watch Live TV On PC

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  1. Hello,

    Please update to TV 2.2 C
    Please note the new screen shot.

    Thanks, support

    09 Jun 10 at 2:04 pm #
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    live tv

    23 Sep 10 at 12:32 pm #

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