I bet some of us have created a video for fun, for certain video that we like and etc. I do so myself. Especially in my own local languages when some of my family members does not understand certain language while watching certain movies.

Although some of those movies or television drama has subtitle but sometimes its not in your own local language. And if you have created your own video its harder for you to create subtitles for it using other software.

Furthermore, when one movies has their own subtitles and you created another subtitle for it using some software, it could overlaps between each other. See The image below for example.

As you can see, the subtitles above overlaps each other. And this is really irritating. What if you can overcome this? Well with Bakado Player you can. It is easy to use and it makes the subtitile you created does not overlapse each other.

Judging from the above image, you can safely say that this freeware create a space for your video. It does not overlaps of which could irritate the viewer.

And with easy menu and customization, you can easily edit all your subtitle. Well go ahead and use this software. Oh ya i forgot to show you how this spftware really look like. Here you go.

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