Website is a must if you want to sell something online or just want to promote something else like event, shop and any other else. The choice are unlimited. It all depend on your imagination. But building a website is not something that everyone can do. Moreover it is sometime expensive to hire someone to build a website even simple one.

Even you try to make you own website, it would take a while. With all the technicalities like html code, editing the text and etc, it would take you a while to create your own website and upload it on your hosting. There are always a better way and a free way for you to build your website.

Ewisoft Website Builder is a free reliable software that you can trust to assist you in buiding your website. It is a template driven web design software and enables a non-technical user to exactly build a website easily and professionally. What is the best thing about this free software is that you do not have to worry over editing the web. Sometimes when editing a text, you could sometime affect the design. This would make your website look ugly. But with this software, it is easy for you to do it. You can keep the website up to date without having the knowledge of html, affecting the design and template and thus making it look professional in the visitor eyes.

The features are

  • Password protect pages. Create unlimited groups of users with unique usernames and passwords
  • Integrated shopping cart to sell your products in your online store.
  • Build a stunning website without getting involved in HTML, CSS or other technical elements that can be difficult to learn.
  • Option to edit your pages with your favorite external editor including Microsoft Word.
  • Create styles that you can change at any time across all your pages.
  • Multiple styles for each template such as “simple”, “left column”, “right column”, “three column” styles.
  • Includes all basic functions, such as formatting text, inserting images, tables, hyperlinks, downloadable files, etc.
  • Automated thumbnail creation for images. This is very useful for creating photo galleries.
  • Check your spelling while editing.
  • Change your website with a new look at any time by selecting a new template and it won’t affect the website content.
  • Built-in website templates that you can use to get your website up and running.
  • Create and edit multiple web projects.
  • Organize and work with your pages in a navigation tree-like structure. Drag and drop pages to any location.
  • Integrated FTP functionality that detects modified pages automatically while publishing to the Internet.
  • You can backup and restore all your website settings, pages, templates, images, and documents into one single file.
  • Multiple authors can update one website from different remote locations.
  • Compatible with all web hosting providers and does not require FrontPage Extensions.
  • Simple Edit, Preview and HTML modes to choose from while working on your pages.
  • Copy and paste content directly from Microsoft Word, Excel and other applications.
  • Add, edit, remove, or move navigation menu links by dragging and dropping.
  • Integrated form emailer. Create forms on your website so visitors can fill in information that will get emailed to you. Add multiple emails as recipients.
  • Speeds up your website building time and adds consistency across all pages, therefore, making it easier to maintain.
  • Different navigation menus on different pages without third party software or a programmer’s knowledge.
  • More than one template can be applied to one website. This is especially useful if you would like your home page looking one way and other pages with a completely different design or format.

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